Lifehouse is an American rock band from Los Angeles comprising Jason Wade (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. (drums, percussion), Bryce Soderberg (bass guitar, back-up vocals) and Ben Carey (lead guitar).

On their choosing the band name, frontman Jason Wade said, "It's about what we do as a band and for me personally. Most of this record is about my life and about life's circumstances. Not only my life, but other peoples' lives. We thought Lifehouse was a good name for it."

Lifehouse has released seven albums (including one under the band name Blyss):

  1. Diff's Lucky Day, 1999 (released as the band Blyss)
  2. No Name Face, 2000
  3. Stanley Climbfall, 2002
  4. Lifehouse, 2005
  5. Who We Are, 2007
  6. Smoke & Mirrors, 2010
  7. Almeria, 2012